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Hi, real Jennifer here. Actually it’s Jenn, and I love hats, coffee, and cuss words – not necessarily in that order. Also, I started Bloom and Hustle, LLC when life was so heavy that I needed my business to be light. I’ve been working in social media for over a decade and have learned that what my clients need most is for their social media to really be their own but to not take over their lives.

When you are the heart and soul of your business, you just can’t outsource your online personality. It has to be you. I had to come to grips with that for myself, which is how I came to create this absolutely joyful work I do today that is totally and authentically my own. What I do on social media isn’t necessarily what you’ll do. That’s the beauty of it – I’m going to help you bloom on social media so that it supports your life, your business and of course all of your goals. Social media can be light, stress-free, and it should be exactly how you envision it.

But you don’t have to do it alone. Let’s get social together.



To help business owners understand the ins and outs of social media while focusing on consistent posting schedules and helpful tools that make social media easier and not extremely time-consuming. My favorite part of all this is also helping you find and use your authentic voice to personalize your social media platforms.



My goal is to educate others on how they can learn from my mistakes so that they can avoid making costly mistakes while building an online presence for themselves or their brand. I strive to change the game of social media from fake and scary to authentic and empowering. I'm working on it daily and invite you to join me,


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My greatest joy is helping business owners and solopreneurs navigate their way on social media to craft an online presence for their business that is authentically their own, not a cookie cutter version.

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How to Stand Out on Social Media: Just Be You

March 19, 20234 min read

jennifer nichols

If you think of social media marketing as just another task to check off your to-do list, I encourage you to think again. Would you believe me if I told you you can make social media marketing fun? I’m not just saying that because I happen to love social media marketing. I truly believe anyone can have fun with social media marketing if you just know how to approach it.

Don’t believe me? Trying using these three ideas for making social media marketing fun.

1)    Keep the “Social” in Social Media

If all you do on social media is publish your post and vanish, then, yeah, that sounds like a chore. It’s also not very effective. Remember that social media sites weren’t designed for businesses to advertise their products and services. They were designed as a place for people from all over the world to connect with each other. So find your target audience (and your power partners) and connect with them.

This means engaging with (i.e. liking and commenting on) their posts, tagging them in your posts when it makes sense to do so, responding to comments on your posts, and sending private messages when it makes sense to do so.

That will improve your visibility, because the algorithms like to see you engaging, rather than posting and vanishing. It will also help you get the attention of your target audience because they’ll notice you engaging with their posts, which will make them more inclined to check out your posts.

It also helps make social media marketing fun! This is how you use social media to build relationships and get people to know, like, and trust you so they’ll work with you.

And keep in mind that it can work the other way around. Need a product or service for your business? Does one of your clients need something you don’t provide? If you’ve been building your network on social media, you’ve probably encountered and gotten to know, like, and trust someone who does. Now you can make that connection for your client, which makes you even more valuable than the products/services you provide.

2)    Ask Questions

The poll feature in LinkedIn is popular for a reason. Honestly, I think it’s a bit overused, but again, there’s a reason: it’s because those posts tend to get a lot of engagement.

It also helps you learn more about your target audience. You can ask them all kinds of questions regarding their thoughts, feelings, and opinions about your products/services. You can ask them if they have any questions about your industry, then you can answer those questions in your next post. That way you’ll know your content is relevant because you got that information straight from the horse’s mouth.

3)    Curate

A lot of people complain that the content on social media is boring, too political, too fake, or too mean. That’s because people tend to be boring, political, fake, and mean. All social media does is reflect that.

But people can also be fun, interesting, knowledgeable, helpful, genuine, and funny! Just like you probably try to spend most of your time hanging out with the latter group in real life, you can choose to spend more of your time on the internet hanging out with those people as well.

If you see a post you don’t like, don’t engage with it. Don’t even hover over it. Just keep scrolling. When you see something you do like, engage with it. Do this enough and the algorithm will figure out the types of content you like to see and what you don’t like to see. After a while, you’ll have curated a social media feed full of all the stuff you want to see.

If you see certain people tend to post content you don’t want to see, you can remove that connection so you don’t see their posts anymore. If they’re really aggressive, you can block them, which will prevent them from seeing your posts so you can avoid getting nasty or spammy comments on your posts. If it’s a family member or someone you’re friends with in real life, but you don’t want to see their posts, and you don’t want to hurt their feelings by unfriending them, you can “mute” them. That means you won’t see their posts anymore, but they won’t know that, and they’ll still be able to see your posts.

At the end of the day, social media is what you make of it. It’s a lot like life that way.

4)    Get Help from a Professional

Sometimes we get so used to thinking about social media in a certain way that we have trouble rethinking our approach. That’s totally normal, and that’s one of the areas where I help a lot of my clients. If you need help coming up with ideas for making social media fun, I’d love to chat.

Contact me and let's see how I can help you! jennifer@bloomandhustle.com

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Social Media Confidence Coach teaching business owners how to build their online presence while finding their online voice and having F-U-N! | Social Media Strategist | Platform Coach | Content Creator | Hashtag Explorer

Jennifer Nichols

Social Media Confidence Coach teaching business owners how to build their online presence while finding their online voice and having F-U-N! | Social Media Strategist | Platform Coach | Content Creator | Hashtag Explorer

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When you get together with other members of your group and try to talk about social media best practices, does all the air get sucked out of the room? Yeah. That happens. Social media is a really difficult topic in networking groups because so many small business owners are winging it. And because they’re winging it, they don’t have a lot of confidence talking about it or sharing advice.

Let’s change that. Give me a call. Get your group together. Bring coffee. Supply pens and notepads. We’re going to talk about social media. In my public speaking gigs, I take the mystery out of social media and provide several tools for creating an individualized strategy. I will not overwhelm you, but I will give you enough information to start building a more consistent and more authentic social media presence.Want to be the MVP of your networking group?

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What is a social media confidence coach and what can they do for me?

I help business owners move past their social media roadblocks to show up online authentically, confidently and intentionally.

Do I have to relinquish access to my social media accounts?

Not unless you'd like to share access or allow me to make changes but even if we do that, you'll never have to share your passwords. That's my promise!

How many hashtags should I use?

There is no simple answer because it changes per platform. I'd like to have you consider focusing on using the correct hashtags to reach your ideal audience. That is where your power and potential for reach is hiding.

How often should I post?

The best answer for this comes from you. How often can you commit to being consistent and showing up? Algorithms are fond of consistency over frequency. Remember your schedule needs to be something you can keep up with.

I want to grow my following quickly, should I buy followers?

* NO. If you've never paid for friends in real life then don't pay for friends and followers online.ecusandae.


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